Dude’s Deal

Why am I writing? Well, don’t YOU want to know what your cab driver’s thinking?

Anyway, I just felt a need to document this introspective sociological experim… er, story (in blog & book) from the very beginning of what was sure to be a major paradigm shift in the life of an average dude – a single dad, frustrated musician – hashing it out in a big California town.

Guess you’re still reading. So, God bless and cheers!

Make sure your seat belts are fastened and that you exit curbside.

I ‘Accept’.


Alex SacK

rear view fixed copy

Alex NYC Brick Wall copy

alex sidewalk cafe faded copy old scan somewhere better copy

alex 1989 copyalex toysrus 1st set 1977  copy

Alex Kindergarten copy


sack fam sears young 72

Alex 5.5 mnths 71

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