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The aL sAcK SongbooK

– NYC ’96 –

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– NYC ’97-98 –

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aL sAcK
bAg of tRicKs

– SF ’99-00 –

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AL SacK SongBook’s

– Greatest Misses –


 Alex the Drummer

Well, this stuff’s not for sale. Just one member of these bands
& sellin’ just wouldn’t be right (w/o working something out).

So, hell. Jus give ‘er a listen. REALLY good stuff!

Exit Sign – Daniel Harnett Trio (NYC)
Big Kill – Daniel Harnett Trio

Sweats 2 b Down – General Elevator (D.C.)
Many Miles – General Elevator (D.C.)

Suck Machine – Dicksister (D.C.)
Mercy (for Addie) – Dicksister (D.C.)
Murder of Crows – Dicksister (D.C.)

Kokopelli – Dr. Mezula (MD)
Gypsy Rose – Dr. Mezula (MD)
Grey Flannel – Dr. Mezula (MD)
Jillie Blue – Dr. Mezula (MD)
Can’t Stand Losing You – Dr. Mezula (MD)
Peace of Insanity (The Grog, D.C) – Dr. Mezula (MD)
(Hey, gotta check out this video of Dr. Mezula – Live @ D.C. Space 1991:

All The Way From Oregon – The John Ben Band (MD)

All To See – Harvest (MD)

Here For You – Us (MD)
Cynical Times – Us (MD)
Change Your Ways (Rock Bash,1985) – Us (MD)

Highwire – Erich Mandrell (SF)
It’s Sad, But It’s True – Erich Mandrell (SF)
(Ok, I’m not even playin’ on this one. But E’s da man!)

  Another Try – aL sAcK w/ Gordin Hartin (LA)
(Actually, I’m guitar & vocals on this one.)
ChaRlie’s GoGo (MD)
(Just me dickin’ @ w/ a 4 track – circa ’94)

Play It Away – Killer & the Kids (NYC)
Shotzi vs Spermula – Spermula (SF)
The Daniel Harnett Trio
– 1995-97 NYC –


Ok. Screw it…
This isn’t fer sale either, but the world must know!

New Pop & the ExplOrAtioNs

A super-group based in San Francisco,

Derek Williams on Voice & Nylon Guitar: homeless old black hippie born & bred in San Francisco; Jimi Hendrix stole his skateboard & Janis Joplin ordered him laid on first acid trip – age 13.
(m)Ike on Bass: Millionaire software guru turned pauper, fetish porn-site king and tai chi instructor.
aL sAcK on Dumbek: Yours truly.

*The Sock CD:

NewPoP LabeL 001

sock cd sock pic

(*no guarantee sock is unused, or washed.)


All Hail!


Grunt Spit Amplify StickerDick Chick StickerBone Sticker


Check out this crappy video compilation…

 (It’s a big sloppy mess, albeit a beautiful one… just like the band.)



A Tribute to Larry Williams.
Dickin’ around on 4 track cassette – D.C., circa 1994…



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One comment

  • hilton lafayette on November 2, 2013 at 9:10 am said:

    hello alex! we met a couple times in the past. i’m friends with mikey, christian, jon, addie ect. so glad to see these dicksister songs here. is there any way i can get these? do you ever plan on putting these tracks on disc? hope your doing well.

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